How To Tag People and Brands On Social Networks

Sometimes I neglect to cover the basics on this blog, and for that I apologize. Today I want to talk about the concept of tagging, the benefit of doing it, and show you how to do it on the most popular social networks.

What is tagging?

It’s a hyperlink back to a person or brand on that particular network. Essentially you hyperlink their name or face in a post (status update) or picture, respectively, or in an app related activity.

What are the benefits of tagging?

It varies by social network, but it a) makes the person or brand aware that you have linked to them, b) it may promote engagement, c) usually a tag will also show up on the person’s wall/feed/stream thus expanding the reach of your post/picture/brand.

How do you tag on specific social networks?


“@” plus the user name of someone you are connected with OR a brand page you’ve “liked”. For example: @Tracy Sestili Writer would link to my Facebook page if we are connected. You cannot, however, tag  a brand, a person, or a place that you are not connected with, friends with, or have previously “liked”.


You don’t tag on Twitter, you mention a person or brand by simply including their Twitter handle in a tweet. For example: How to tag people and brands on social networks via @socialstrand @tracysestili.


Using a “+” or “@” symbol before a person or brand’s name. Unlike Facebook, you do not need to be directly connected to a person, brand, or place to tag them in a post or photo.


There is no official way to tag someone on LinkedIn. However, many people use the “@” symbol when they are referring or replying to someone in a group discussion, for example.


You can use the “@” symbol and select someone you know or you can also tag a person in their own post even if you are not connected to/following them.


There is no such thing as tagging a person or a brand on YouTube, but you can add “tags” which are keywords for your video that are used for when someone searches YouTube.

What if you don’t want to be tagged?

If you don’t want to be tagged, Google+ and Facebook give you a way out through your privacy settings. For Twitter, you could block the user. For Pinterest, there is no way (yet) to be alerted that someone tagged you and no settings to disallow it (yet).

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