How To Unfriend on Facebook Now After Changes

Oy vey! After all of those Facebook changes, how to ‘unfriend’ has changed too. But breaking up is now even easier to do and you can even break-up with a friend and they’ll never know (sort of). However, before I show you how to break-up with a soon to be ex-friend, let me give you some options first.

If you don’t like an app or game that someone is using and they are clogging your news feed with CityVille posts, etc., then simply unsubscribe from those updates. Go their page and in upper right corner click on Subscribed and uncheck some things:

Blocking apps and games in news feed

If you don’t like what they have to say, you can “silently break-up with them” by just hiding all posts from them. Click the down arrow in your news feed in the upper right corner of their post and choose “unsubscribe” from their status updates, the person (all of their posts), the application/game they are using. You can also unmark as Top story. Clear as mud isn’t it? Just choose ‘Unsubscribe from the person’ (in blue below).

If you really just want to say “P*ss off” and dump them as your friend AND you don’t care if they find out then here’s how you do that. (Note: they don’t know that you ‘unfriended’ until they go to post on your page or search for you and then they won’t find you.) Cheerio!

Go to the soon to be ex-friend you want to unfriend’s page. In upper right, click on Friends. Then click Unfriend.

For how to unlink on LinkedIn, unfollow on Twitter or uncircle on Google+ see this post.

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