How to unlink accounts on Klout

We’ve already covered how to unlink/unfollow/unfriend on social media outlets, however, I’ve had a number of pings in the past week or so searching for ways to unlink accounts on Klout. Here’s the deal with Klout: if you connect to Klout through Twitter, then you won’t be able to unlink your Twitter account. However, if you connect to Klout through Facebook, then you will be able to unlink your Twitter account. All you need to do is log into and choose “Connect Networks” from the upper right. (see below).

Linking or Unlinking Accounts on Klout

Once you open your “Connected Networks” you can then click the ‘link’ or ‘unlink’ next to each one. See below:

Linking and Unlinking accounts on Klout

In the above image I am logged in through my Twitter account which is why I can’t unlink it. If I log into through my Facebook account, I would then be able to unlink Twitter, but not Facebook at that time. Basically, you can’t “unlink” the account you are currently logged into Klout with, but you can unlink any others. (Personally, I can’t wait for Facebook pages and Google+ to get added to Klout).

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