Inspiring Your Employees to Do Word of Mouth Marketing

word of mouthRelationship marketing goes beyond your customers. Your employees are your number one brand advocates who can help you on social and with word of mouth marketing.The people that are usually your word-of-mouth marketers are your customers who have had positive experiences with your company or brand. But your employees are even better word-of-mouth marketers because they know the ins and outs of your product better than anyone else. So why not inspire them to do word-of-mouth marketing for your brand?

Let your employees know that you care about them, you’re interested in them outside of work, and you trust them and you will see the fruits of your labor:

1. Feature them in your Facebook posts or on your blog either behind the scenes at the office or in action. LinkedIn has their employees contribute to their blog. And Urban Outfitters features their employees hobbies on their blog in a category called ‘employee side projects.’

2. Let them know you trust them. Nordstrom’s famous employee handbook has only one rule: “Use your best judgment in all situations.” When an employee feels trusted they operate 10x’s better.

3. Reward them and give the person a prize by highlighting the person who socially engaged the most with your brand to help spread the word. You can measure shares, comments, likes, retweets, tweets, etc.  It can be company swag, gift cards, time off, or a spotlight at the company meeting and let them talk for five minutes on how they’ve done it. See article on developing an employee rewards program.

Photo credit: British Council

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