[Interview]: LinkedIn Queen on why YOU need LinkedIn for Your Business

Eve Mayer Orsburn a.k.a. LinkedIn Queen

I have often said that LinkedIn is an overlooked networking goldmine for businesses and it was no surprise that one who deems themselves the LinkedIn Queen would agree with me. When I came across Eve Mayer Orsburn’s Twitter handle @LinkedInQueen, naturally my curiosity was peaked. Her Twitter handle lacked humility and screamed I’m an expert on LinkedIn without actually saying it. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her to get her thoughts on LinkedIn and why she deemed it so important for your social media strategy (too).

Social Strand Media (SSM): What do you think are the top three things that businesses should be doing on LinkedIn?


  1. Profiles: “Understand that a company page (profile) should be set up, but not nearly as important as the individual executive profiles – which should be fully set up and optimized to the goal of the company. All of the action goes through the individuals profile. Just because a profile says 100% complete, does not mean it is affective to accomplish your goal. The profile needs to be set up in such a way to accomplish the goals. For example, an HR manager’s goal is to recruit. Their focus is on skills and how the organization is recruiting. Whereas, the Head of Sales goal is to sell the services for his company. The way a profile should be set up – should start with a goal in mind.
  2. Events: Use it for events listings and mining data for an event. This last part is particularly under utilized. You can get a lot of competitive information by doing research such as scheduling conflicts or the scheduling of other similar events. It’s also a great way to run into a person that you have been trying to get a meeting with and stalking them at an upcoming event.
  3. Groups: Groups – magic of groups is not to go and start a discussion, it’s the ability to be the greatest direct sales prospecting tool. Every time you join a group you build your database by the # of people in the group. Don’t TREAT LINKEDIN LIKE YOU TREAT YOUR PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA. In our personal social media environments we are in the habit of connecting with people like ourselves. However, in business you should be joining groups to be surrounded by people who are the opposite of you – related/full of prospects.”

(SSM): Q: How often should people update their status or post to a group on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Queen: “Posting to a group, unless you have something monumental to sell, is a time suck and not really worth it. Posting a status update is totally worth it because it’s a free professional billboard  where tons of business can be generated as a result. Absolute minimum is to update once per week, the ideal would be to update once per day.”

(SSM): How do you recommend employees, who are in charge of the company’s social media presence, separate their personal voice from their company spokesperson voice on LinkedIn? Can there be a separation since it is a career network?

LinkedIn Queen: “Employees are the spokespersons for a company. In their profile, they can just talk about themselves.

Eve Mayer Orsburn is the CEO of Social Media Delivered and has over 50,000 fans, followers and connections that she interacts with every day. She is the author of “Social Media for the CEO: The Why and ROI of Social Media for the CEO of Today and Tomorrow” and just began working on her second book which is on using LinkedIn for Business.

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