Is Twitter the Right Social Strategy for your Business?

In just two short years, the amount of people sharing something about themselves or checking out sites to see other people’s shared content, rose 18% (from 6% in 2008 to 24% in 2010) according to the latest PEW Research report, part of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

The research is interesting because it can tell you as a business owner whether or not you should be using Twitter for your business. Part of defining your approach and strategy to social media is to figure out who your demographic is and where they are interacting and talking about your industry or product.

Out of 2,257 people interviewed, Pew’s latest report indicated that 74% of American adults are internet users. But what was more interesting is the breakdown in the demographics of percentage of internet users who use Twitter. Surprisingly or not, more women (10%) than men (7%) use Twitter and the most popular age was represented  by 18-29 year olds (14%), followed by 30-49 year olds (7%). By race and ethnicity the breakdown was 18% Hispanic, 13% black (non-hispanic), and 5% white.

Related to this post were two omnibus surveys conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International in October of 1,561 adult internet users.  The findings matched that of the PEW Research above and also had additional data to share about how people share on Twitter. For example, a resounding 55% of these Twitter users share links to news stories and 53% of these Twitter users use Twitter to retweet material posted by others.  Roughly 36% checked Twitter once or a few times per day.  How does this translate? It’s okay to post items more than once a day, especially if they are newsworthy because some people only check Twitter once a day. But 41% never check or check once every few weeks. So, is Twitter really the right strategy for you?  Here’s a link to the research so you can see for yourself. But remember this is just one data point in a sea of many.

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