Labor Day Contest: What’s Wrong With This Profile?

I don’t think a lot of folks will read this blog today, but I thought I’d make it fun for those who did. For those who follow my blog regularly, this should be easy. The winner gets a $20 gift card to iTunes.

Rules & Instructions:

Below is a profile where she needs your help. She needs your help on 3 things that can be easily modified in under a minute to make her profile more appealing. Name them in the comments below. You must get all 3 things correct in order to be eligible to win. There will be a random drawing from all who correctly provide all 3 answers entered in the comments below. Winner announced here on Tuesday and on Twitter. Contest is open 9/5/11 12:01 AM ET  – 9/5/11 6pm ET. Good luck!

Contest Profile:

JT is on LinkedIn and her profile could use some help. Can you help her? (I will update this blog on Tuesday with the answers and the winners.)

Can you help her fix her LinkedIn profile?

1. Her photo should be her face.
2. Her personal website should be the name of her website by selecting “other” and then typing in the name and the url.
3. Her public profile URL should just be her name which she can claim.

There was only 1 person who got all 3 right and that was Daniel Alfon! Congratulations! DM me on Twitter with your mailing address and email addy and I’ll send you the $20 gift card.

To reply to the other comments:

– Yes this was a real account that was altered so the URL is fake. But I didn’t penalize for that if you said that it needed to be shorter, i.e. her name.

– The title doesn’t need to be where you work, it can be anything and in fact, I’d encourage you to be creative. Here is where you can make what you do stand out. People are going to see where you work so no need to list it in your Title.

– Yes her profile needs a summary of work history, but that is below this portion on your LinkedIn profile. We were only talking about the picture above.

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