Let Your Constituents Tell Your Story

Let your constituents tell your storyIn general, people are inspired to give and take action when they are inspired by you, your cause, what your write about, or what you’re selling . What better way to take advantage of it than by utilizing online tools such as video or PowerPoint which can be easily shared across multiple social networks and carry your message far and beyond your reach.

In these days of exclusivity, letting your constituents tell your story lets you empower them, include them, and connect with their values.

Most computers come with presentation software. And, if you don’t have a video camera, invest in a FLIP video camera before they disappear. For $80 you can have an HD quality video (4G). And you can customize it with your logo – free.

Here are some things you can do to make an effective and impacting video or PPT.

  1. Focus on your product, service or cause that you want to highlight, not your organization, company or CEO. Don’t put people from your organization in your video. Put real people, your constituents in your video or presentation.
  2. Create authenticity by using images or video clips of your constituents or customers using your products or giving testimonials about your cause.
  3. Have a clear purpose of what you want to talk about. Don’t have a laundry list of items you want to cover. Cover 1 thing, and one thing only. It sets the stage for a clear message. (This is not a place to regurgitate your mission statement).
  4. Videos don’t always have to be external. Show them at your next company meeting or your next board meeting. Get people jazzed about being a part of your cause!
  5. Try to keep your videos under 2 minutes and your presentations to under 10 slides.
  6. Use images to tell your story instead of a lot of words on presentations
  7. YouTube allows you annotate videos, use it to add your nonprofit’s website.

Some tools: FlipVideo comes with it’s own editing software. But there’s also

  • (create a timeline using pic, video, etc),
  • Google Docs (create online presentations),
  • Prezi (create online presentations),
  • (:15 second videos, iPhone app),
  • (:30 second videos, smartphone app).
    Viddy and Tout are great for embedding in PPT or on their own. You can easily share on YouTube or Vimeo and embed in Google Docs or Prezi.

Have a tool that you like? Please share below in the comments section so everyone can benefit.

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