LinkedIn Highlights The Brand Of YOU 2012

On December 11, 2012 LinkedIn rolled out a new look and feel, took away some features, added some others, all in the name of bringing you the best streamlined experience they can deliver. It seems like it was just yesterday that LinkedIn changed the entire look and feel of your personal profile, doesn’t it? (but it was actually back in September).

LinkedIn, whom many still discount as just a job network, has rolled out quite a number of enhancements this year so far, from endorsements to  people you may know feature. Not to mention a lot of new features for company pages. However, now they’ve tweaked their layout once again, and here’s what it means to you:

Q. What does the new look and feel get you?

For starters, a new sleek and simplified design. Now all of your key information appears in an expandable CV card like format.

Q1. What else has changed besides look and feel?

Apps! Applications you may have used in the past such as Slideshare, Portfolio Display, WordPress, and others are no longer supported on your profile. Don’t panic, LinkedIn still has some apps, but soon they’ll be doing away with all of them in an effort to streamline your profile.  Instead these apps are being replaced with a new feature that lets you add media links for images, presentations, videos, and documents to your profile. (see Q3 below on how to add)

Q2. Which apps have changed?

  • TripIt – You will be able to continue to post TripIt updates to your LinkedIn network and profile by linking your TripIt and LinkedIn accounts. Learn how.
  • Portfolio Display – Any of your Behance content you’ve uploaded using the Portfolio Display application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile once you opt into the newly redesigned LinkedIn Profile. If you were a user of this application, you should receive an invite to opt into the new profile design shortly.
  • JD Supra – They are working with JD Supra to integrate the content from your JD Supra portfolio into your new LinkedIn profile. However, you can continue updating your network with the “legal updates” app by logging directly into JD Supra. You’ll hear from JD Supra shortly about this change.
  • Slideshare – Any SlideShare content you’ve uploaded using the SlideShare Presentations application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile once you opt into the newly redesigned LinkedIn profile. Note: It will upload ALL of your presentations, so be sure to edit this and remove any presentations you don’t want to share from your account.
  • WordPress – If you self-host your WordPress site, you can enable auto posting to LinkedIn through the Jetpack plugin from Automatic. If your site is on, simply enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn from your Dashboard.
  • – To display a file from simply paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn professional gallery.

Q3. How do I display rich media links on my profile?

LinkedIn allows you to now display rich media links such as links to a video, document, image, or presentation on your profile in your Summary, Education, or Experience sections.

      1. Click Profile at the top of your homepage.
      2. Click Edit in the top section of your profile.
      3. Scroll down to the section where you want to add content and click the add media link (it looks like a square with a plus sign). Move your cursor over the link and you will see, “Add a link to a video, image, document, presentation…”.
      4. Type or paste the link to your content into the Add a link field that appears. A picture of your content will then display with pre-filled Title and Description fields.
      5. Click Save.
        Note: It may take several seconds for this to happen. You can edit the content in these fields if you wish.

Q4. Why is this great? What does it look like?  It provides a richer profile showcasing your expertise, accomplishments, and accolades. It’s slowly becoming a one-stop shop for the brand of YOU.


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