Comparison of LinkedIn Company Page and Groups

Since LinkedIn has surpassed MySpace as the #2 social media site, just behind Facebook, it should be labeled a crime for a company, large or small or for-profit or non-profit, to NOT be on LinkedIn.

Recently I put together for a client the reasons on why you should have a Company page on LinkedIn if they had already had a LinkedIn Group with about 100 members. They couldn’t understand the need to list their company/organization in the Company section of LinkedIn too. What benefit would they get?

First, it’s a billboard for your company and it’s free. If you have a company, nonprofit, small business, sole proprietorship, you should put your company on LinkedIn because it is free advertising and it will help in your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Also, it’s a one time set up and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance moving forward.

You don’t necessarily need to start a group. I would first look out there and see if there are already groups that exist that you and your staff/board members can participate in the conversation and add value.¬†Here’s a break down of what you get with the two.

LinkedIn Company Page and Group Page Comparison

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