3 New Brand Benefits with New LinkedIn Groups

LinkedInSSMGPlusSo, you may have heard that LinkedIn gave Groups a makeover last week where managers and members can customize their conversation space. The new navigation adds a layer of transparency for LinkedIn members and vehicle for companies to share their Groups easily. In their blog post, they also provided some statistics around LinkedIn’s 2,000,000 groups such as:

LinkedIn Group Stats and Why New Look is Great for Brands

  •  Over 200 conversations are happening in LinkedIn Groups each minute
  • 8,000 new  Groups are created every day
  • The average member belongs to 7 groups
  • And people who are active and engage in Groups have their profiles viewed 4 times more than those who don’t

However, apart from the announcement and the stats, they didn’t really go into the details. I explored them this weekend and want to briefly walk you through the new navigation and the new features. But before I do that (and if you don’t have the time to watch the video), I wanted to highlight for you three reasons why these changes are great for brands.

  1. First, as a corporate Social Media Manager, you can now give the directive (or plea) that your employee social media evangelists share your company LinkedIn Group in a status update. It’s so easy now with just the click of a button. It would not only increase brand awareness, but give your Group exposure to people who might be interested in it. Plus it will give credibility to your company Group by having other people share it and say why they should join just by adding a little context to the status update (which you can give them).
  2. Second, LinkedIn Groups now gives the group members the ability to choose what type of status update they are posting (general discussion, promotion, or job) which will alleviate some of the burden the social media manager/Group owner had in the past of  sifting through discussion posts and filtering out the inappropriately categorized ones.
  3. Finally, the new layout makes it easy for people to browse group discussions as soon as they pop into the group by putting the discussions top, front and center. People no longer have to hunt for the Group rules or statistics either, it’s all right there under the “i”nformation icon, which makes your Group more attractive and easier to manage.

To get a more in-depth look of the new LinkedIn Groups, watch the video below or directly on YouTube

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