LinkedIn New Feature Helps You Expand Your Network

Last week LinkedIn rolled out a new enhancement to their People You May Know feature. The new enhancement will roll out to users over the next couple of weeks — in fact, you may already have it.

What’s been added?

  • A better, more streamlined UI (user interface)
  • More accurate and relevant recommendations based on your existing network, places you’ve worked and where you went to school
  • A new tab filter feature that allows you to browse recommendations via company or school with prominent logos (when available) on each tab

If you don’t have it and don’t want to wait, simply click on this link:

Why it’s great?

  • It helps you expand your network – which you should be doing even when you are not looking for a job
  • It helps you add people to your network in which you have a closer connection to

Watch the quick tutorial video



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