Fun Friday: What’s Wrong With These LinkedIn Profile Photos?

Profile PhotoA picture says a lot. It tells a story, and it helps you relate to a person, place or object. When it comes to social media profile photos, your photo says a lot about you and should be consistent across platforms. Three rules you should remember when creating your LinkedIn profile photo or any social media profile photo for that matter:

  1. Front view from the neck up
  2. Should look like you – meaning it should be recent and I should be able to identify you in a line-up.
  3. Does it say who you are?

I sometimes teach social media and branding courses at HULT International Business School and at AcademyX and in a lesson last week I wanted to see if people retained what they learned about LinkedIn so I created this little ditty on LinkedIn profile photos.

Can you get them all right? Answer key is at the bottom but you’ll have to either flip your laptop upside down to read them or print out the PDF. (ahh, the inconvenient price of fun!)

Download the PDF

LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips

What do you think? Would you like to see more of these?


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