What is LinkedIn Profile Strength?

To create a LinkedIn Company page, LinkedIn says that you need to have good profile strength, but it’s hard to find out what that is or where to find it in order to verify. To locate your profile strength, view your profile (log in, and click view or click on your photo), on the right side you’ll see something that says Profile Strength.

Where is profile strength on LinkedIn

There are 5 types of LinkedIn profile strengths:

  • All-Star (when profile is 100% filled out)
  • Expert (90%)
  • Advanced (75%)
  • Intermediate (50%)
  • Beginner (<50%)

Beginner Profile Strength

You get this status just for setting up your LinkedIn account and filling out the basic information: Name, 1 job experience,  3 skills, and location. If you want to improve your status to Intermediate, you can always view your profile, scroll down on the right side, and select Improve Your Status and LinkedIn will force you back up to the top of your profile and ask you questions in a blue box. The more questions you fill out in the blue box, the higher your Profile Strength.

LinkedIn profile strength

Intermediate Profile Strength

As long as your picture is uploaded and profile basic information filled out and you have at least 3 connections, you’ll gain intermediate status. (And people with a photo have their profile viewed 7x’s more than those without a photo, so smile!)

LinkedIn Intermediate Profile Strength

Advanced Profile Strength

You need to start connecting.  As long as you have over 50 connections, and you’ve filled out the basic information, added education, industry and zip code, and at least 2 previous job positions, you’ll achieve Advanced profile strength.


Expert Profile Strength

In addition to the above, you need to have at least 3 recommendations about your work and at least 5 skills.


All-Star Profile Strength

Many people struggle with getting from Expert to All Star profile strength. You need to have descriptions under your work experience, plus a summary filled out, in addition to basic information, recommendations and groups. Once you do all of that, you’ll achieve All Star profile strength.

How to get all star profile strength on LinkedIn

Benefits of All-Start Profile Strength

Once you achieve All-Star Profile Strength, which is the maximum you can achieve on LinkedIn, you can then share your profile on Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn Share profile

However, note, that only YOU can see your profile strength. Not even your first degree connections can see your profile strength. Recruiters or people with paid LinkedIn profiles, may be able to see your profile strength, but I’ve not read anything that indicates such.

According to LinkedIn, a complete profile has a better chance of being viewed and coming up in search on LinkedIn than those that don’t have a completed profile. So for small businesses, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, social media marketers, and anyone who wants to be found for their skills and expertise, you might want to achieve at least Advanced or Expert status, if not All Star.


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