Breaking News: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates for Company Pages

We all know what sponsored stories are from Facebook (you know, when your friend likes something and you see that your friend liked, shared, or commented on a story posted by someone else.) And now, LinkedIn announced that they are rolling out LinkedIn Sponsored updates to all 3,000,000 Company Pages on LinkedIn by the end of the month. Currently it’s being rolled out to companies with a LinkedIn account representative. However, by the end of the month, everyone will have it (so they claim). Each admin of a LinkedIn Company page will have access to promote their Company pages posts and other content to others on LinkedIn via these sponsored updates.  It will work very similarly to how Sponsored Tweets work on Twitter or Sponsored Stories on Facebook.

Many companies have been beta testing (piloting) this functionality since earlier this year. (see picture below). However, it’s a big win for small businesses and especially B2B businesses of all sizes.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

What sets LinkedIn apart from Facebook or Twitter is that it’s the only professional network that offers a content marketing solution for B2B and B2C businesses. LinkedIn has been positioning themselves as a content marketing leader for a while now, first starting with Influencers.

The Sponsored Updates, once rolled out to all, will work the same way as their text & image or video ads work today — on a CPM or CPC basis. And as you can see by the example above, they are clearly marked as Sponsored. Which means, you don’t have to be following that LinkedIn company in order to see these ads.

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To view LinkedIn’s announcement, click here.


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