LinkedIn’s New Mobile App

I am pretty much loving the new LinkedIn mobile app update released on August 16, 2011. Designed with a new UI and the intent to make the professional more productive on the go, it is much faster, more simple and very fancy schmancy.  Take a look:

When you first download the update, and you open the app you will now have an experience much like what you see on the web: LinkedIn Today (a great place to get news) and recent updates from your network:

When minimized you actually have access to four new screens. The Updates (above), You, Inbox, Groups & More. When you click on the You image you get your profile. You can’t update your profile, but you can post an update, view the privacy policy and see your connections, skills, websites, and Twitter feed. You can also look at your connections and email message them directly from your phone. Kind of a nice feature.

When you click on the Inbox, it shows you your messages and requests to connect, as well as allows you to respond.

But perhaps the biggest change made is in the Groups & More section where you have more functionality with groups.  You can now post updates to groups on the fly and stay connected & monitor your conversations within your groups. You can easily see all the discussions at a glance and comment immediately.

   LinkedIn Mobile Groups  LinkedIn Mobile Group Discussions

The ‘More’ portion is limited right now and only suggests people that you may know in addition to groups. But I suspect that eventually they will roll out other functions that are currently found in the More tab on LinkedIn’s website.

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