Mandarin Oriental’s Genius Social Cocktail

Lessons to be learned from giant corporations like the Mandarin Oriental are that you should promote everywhere when possible. If you’ve had the pleasure of staying at one of these fine hotels, then you know they are luxurious and not cheap. Recently, a spotted cocktail menu from the Mandarin Oriental in New York boasts four social media cocktails that references their presence on those social networks.  Take a look:

Photo by Felix Salmon on Tumblr


What you gotta love is the slight reference to their social media presence as well as eluding to their other properties. For example:

The whole cocktail menu is referred to as the “Like Page” indicating they have a presence on Facebook. And at $19 a pop, they are clearly buzz worthy. It’s a great way to generate ‘Likes’ on Facebook. The Mandarin Oriental has Facebook pages for many of their properties (New York has 4,360 fans), plus they have a main page for the Mandarin Oriental corporate brand (46,960 fans).

Here are the “buzz worthy cocktails inspired by social media”:

sipadivisor – representing their presence on Trip Advisor and yet at the same time in the drink description highlighting that they have properties in both Mexico and South America.

sweet tweet – representing their presence on Twitter and references their Swiss sister property.

brbon tumblr – representing their blog presence on Tumblr

Garden of Google – representing their presence on Google+

Who knew that:

Trip Advisor = Tequila
Twitter =Rum
Tumblr = Bourbon
Google = Gin

Frankly this is genius.  They manage to be clever and spread the word about their presence and elude to other properties even, without making it ugly by giving you any URLs on the menu.

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