Marissa Mayer Is Smart For What She Did About Remote Workers

Oh how I am tired of reading about how Marissa Mayer wronged the employees at Yahoo! — especially the women with children. Good God, enough already.

Here’s the deal, I work in Silicon Valley and have done so for over a decade. I’m actually way more productive at home because I prefer to work in a quiet environment. But I’m a minority.

I don’t know Marissa Mayer personally, but I have experienced both the “bubble” and the  “dot bomb”, and I can tell you, she announced the whole “no working from home” policy as a clever way of avoiding a layoff. Sure, it “leaked” or did it? It’s reported that she made the decision based off of data, but who really cares because frankly speaking….

C’mon, it’s the best publicity yet. Women around the country who have children are up in arms over this whole new mandate, blogging and voicing the opinions galore. There have even been billboards taken out from video conferencing companies like BlueJeans on the 101 freeway that lead from San Francisco to Silicon Valley where Yahoo! offices that say, “Call us Marissa! We can help”.

I don’t think it was a publicity stunt on her part. I do believe that it was a clever way to avoid a layoff because people who have kids who can’t afford day care will eventually quit and find another job (and there are plenty in Silicon Valley) where they offer flex-time schedules.

Marissa Mayer isn’t a bitch or crazy, she’s smart. And it might not seem “fair” but being fair never got anyone to CEO.

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