Curalate Measures Brand Engagement On Pinterest

Recently I had the pleasure of playing with a new analytics tool called Curalate. Measuring brand engagement on Pinterest has never been easier. Brands have figured out that they can get engaged with their customer on a more personal product specific level. For example, a consumer can like a brand on Facebook, but they might not like every product that business offers.

However, in terms of measuring brand engagement, this poses two problems on Pinterest:

  1. Users don’t always say the brand name in their pin.
  2. Pinterest treats the same image as 2 different pins.

Curalate has developed image recognition technology to combat these two problems. In a nutshell, they start with your website and thumbprint it by rolling up all the metrics associated with it. By doing this, they determine if images are coming from your brand’s domain. What’s even cooler is that even if brands don’t have a Pinterest account, brands can still track organic pins.

Now some of you savvy Pinterest users are thinking you can already see your organic pins from your website by just going to However, it doesn’t allow you to reply in-line, it doesn’t allow you to see who your top pinners are or how many followers they have, and it doesn’t give you a dashboard to look at all of the stuff where you’d have to go to 3 or 4 different websites to track. In a nutshell, Curalate allows you to develop a more personal and product based relationship with your brand loyalists, identify brand evangelists and identify how influential they are and engage with them all in one dashboard.

Here’s a summary of my dashboard. I can see total interactions/impressions (organic + fan page interactions),  organic interactions/impressions (pins, repins, comments, likes), fan page interactions/impressions (fan page = engagement that originated from visits to my Pinterest account), and total # of followers and traffic.

Here’s another report that shows me which type of content people engaged with for my brand.

And here’s another report that shows me which content was repinned, pinned, or tweeted and allows me to reply inline.

So cool! You can also monitor the competition, monitor keywords, and build a community by following your most loyal pinners. This is one of the coolest analytic tools I’ve seen yet to monitor your brand on Pinterest. If your company uses Pinterest heavily, you’ll want to invest. And it’s actually quite cheap.  See pricing plans.

Bonus: you can even connect it to Google Anaytics and Ominture.

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth investing in?


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