Merging Multiple Facebook Pages Clarified – Username vs Name

About a month or so ago I wrote a post on how to merge your Facebook Fan pages if you have more than one. I also included it with a bit more clarification in my free Facebook Timeline for Business 23 page eBook. However, I am still getting tons of comments on how to merge the pages. So it’s time to clarify the process a bit more since it seemed to be a tad unclear in the previous post.

What I said before was: If you are the page owner (admin) of one or more pages AND they have the same name, you will get the option to merge.

It’s that last part about having the same name that people are confused over. There are two name fields on a Facebook Fan Page: username and name.

  • Username – is the vanity URL you chose as your username so that your page can be: This is not what I am referring to.
  • Name– this is the name of the page that displays under the cover photo in the new Timeline. This is what I am referring to and here is a picture so you can see it.Under Manage>Edit Page>Basic Information:

If this is the same (I mean EXACTLY the same including spaces, punctuation, etc) and you are the page owner for both pages, you should get the option to Merge. (see Update below)

Update 5/16/12: If you have more than 200 fans, you won’t be able to change the name. However, you can request that the page be merged with this contact form from Facebook.

Update 7/11/12: Also if you are unable to get the merge option because you can’t change the name then consider reporting the page as a duplicate. To do this, click on the wheel icon on the left (next to the ‘Like’ button) and click Report page>choose duplicate> then copy and paste the URL in of the page you want to KEEP.

Update 8/7/12: The new Voice feature on Facebook allows you to be logged in sometimes under your Fan Page and not your personal profile. Here’s what Casey said below in the comments:  “If your MERGE option is missing: Be sure you are attempting the merge from your personal page. For weeks I tried to get the merge option (ALL information was identical on the 2 pages) but it would never appear. I finally found a post that said to navigate to your page (with the most likes – the one you want to keep) – FROM your PERSONAL page (in other words, don’t be in the mode where you’re “posting as” the page you are trying to work on). As your primary personal page – navigate to the page you want to keep – THEN go to manage permissions then resources and the merge option will appear. This just worked for me! Finally an answer to that elusive merge option!”

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