Mobile and QR Codes: A Perfect Pairing

We’ve all been observing the explosion of mobile technology over the past 12-18 months and we saw QR codes come on to the scene with such great promise, but little fizz. But when  mobile meets QR codes it’s a match  made in heaven.

Recently I was flipping through a magazine and saw a bunch of these things called “SnapTags” that looked pretty cool. If I took a picture of them and sent the message via SMS (text) to the number indicated on the image, I’d receive something back via SMS – a recipe, a coupon, an early access code, etc.  Pretty cool.

Below is an infographic from the company SpyderLynk who developed SnapTags and below that I’ll explain how they work.

QR Codes vs. SpyderLynk SnapTags: The Infographic

How they work:
Combine your logo with a SnapTag Code Ring™ (which can be set to one thousand different codes) and engage your consumer socially on the go. You can even use them with your other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and encourage a “Like” or “Follow.” And although SnapTags work with mobile giving ( for nonprofits, keep in mind, the same rules apply as before where your nonprofit still needs to have a revenue of $500,000 or more per year in order to do mobile giving.

Marketing uses?
You bet, there are tons. Each tag is tied to a specific marketing campaign. SnapTags work with marketing applications that allow you to do data collection, sweepstakes entry, scavenger hunts, collect to win, unique promo codes and much more.

Nothing on the website give you the pricing, so you’ll have to contact them for more details.

For real life, real-time examples:

What do you think? Think you’ll incorporate these for any of your clients or for yourself in 2012?


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