New Facebook Features Cause Drop In Fanpage Engagement

Facebook round logoUh oh, another change by Facebook. Facebook rolled out other changes that they did not announce at the f8 Conference last week. Nick Vivion of Unicorn Booty did a guest blog on this for All Facebook and stated that they noticed that visits to their Facebook fan page dropped by 50% since the roll out of the new news feed and ticker.

Apparently, if you ‘like’ something outside of Facebook, then it will show in your news feed, but if you like a brand’s content within Facebook, it will not show in your news feed. This is why Facebook also announced that they will be giving away $10M in Facebook advertising to small businesses (up to $50 per small business fan page).

Facebook seemed to do this change backwards. They should have rolled out the generous $10M donation first and then encouraged small businesses to take advantage of the advertising.  It’s the lack of transparency that will be the demise of Facebook over time.

Your thoughts?

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