BREAKING: Google Reveals New Google Plus Layout to Compete with Facebook

Whoa! The other day I wrote a post on Why Google Will Rule the World and every day I get more and more convinced of that fact. Yesterday I got to play a new version of an old Atari arcade game by going to Google Images and searching for ‘Atari  Breakout’ and I found a little Easter egg. Then today, I logged into Google Plus and bam! whole new Google Plus layout. Ironically, the layout is similar to that of what Facebook has been talking about doing and it mimics that of Rebel Mouse, ScoopIt and the like. It reads more like a newspaper and it’s pretty fantastic. Google is just more nimble at rolling out product releases than any other social network out there. Have you received the new Facebook layout? There’s been a lot of talk about it but I haven’t seen it. And just recently I finally received the ability to tag people on LinkedIn.

Take a look at the new Google Plus layout:


And by the looks of this layout, it just goes to show you how important images are in social media.

Further, I noticed that Google is inserting suggested hashtags on posts. Meaning, if you don’t put one on there, they will pick up a keyword and put it on there for you. This will have a tremendous impact on ‘search’ moving forward.  Now you’ll notice in the post below I didn’t add a hashtag in front of the word Google but they did and that’s now on my wall/feed.  Anyone searching for #Google today will find it. You’ll also notice above (right – salt shaker picture) Guy Kawasaki’s post has a #HolyKaw hashtag. And what’s interesting about the hashtag is that you can click on it and browse everything ever posted with that hashtag. If it’s not a good fit, then you can click the ‘x’.

GooglePlus_Hashtags   Google Plus hashtag

Lastly, here’s what your own personal profile page will look like:



You see this is what makes Google stand out from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others. They are not only nimble but they run the largest search engine in the world. They know search better than anyone. And they know how to get your content noticed. Now…. if they would only send me a Google+ t-shirt! *sniff, sniff*

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