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Okay, so recently while on vacation in New Orleans, I started getting these LinkedIn endorsement emails. When I would click on the button to view them, I would ALWAYS come to the following page (image left), so I thought it was spam.

Then  I’m reading Social Media Examiner RSS feed the other day and I notice they linked to a LinkedIn’s Slideshare account about how you can now endorse someone in one click. So then I thought, “Oh, that’s what those must be”.

So I followed the instructions and viewed my profile and viewed all of the endorsements for me. But I had a slight issue:

The emails say that I am endorsed for social media. Yet, on the LinkedIn site it says that I am endorsed for Online Advertising. Huh? So I dismissed that and scrolled down to my Skills and Expertise section and that’s where it highlights that I am endorsed for Social Media Marketing, Social Media, LinkedIn, Web Project Management, and Marketing Strategy. Now THAT’s a little more like it.

So after all of that, once I accessed it, LinkedIn asked me if I wanted to endorse people I knew and it was like crack. I couldn’t stop. I kept on clicking on people and endorsing them or clicking on the x to dismiss them if I didn’t like them or know them well. I am connected to over 1,000 people (I’ve also been working professionally for 20 years and according to the IRS since, 28 years, so I have a lot of connections.)

What’s the benefit?

For starters, anyone looking at your profile can see this, including recruiters and it gives a clear picture about what your skills are to anyone viewing your profile.

You have the option of hiding endorsements if you like. Like for example, I switched careers from operations and project management to social media and marketing, so if someone wanted to endorse me for operations or project management, I may not want to display that on my profile.


Well, like all social media goes, you should say ‘thank you’ by sending a message to the person who endorsed you.

What I wish? Is that LinkedIn would have sent a message out to all users rather than just announcing it on their blog because I logged a support ticket thinking it was a scam. The other thing I wish is that you could request endorsements, but right now that’s not a feature.

How do you like the new LinkedIn Endorsement feature? Let me know in the comments below.


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