Nice To Be A “No One”

Everyone wants to be famous these days. In fact, that’s my trademark saying when I meet new clients or am teaching a social media class, I ask, “what do you want to be famous for?” Because in branding, it’s all about figuring that out. Social media makes it just that much easier. However, there can be some downsides…

Earlier this week I went to Dallas for a client meeting and had the funniest thing happen to me. I was on the hotel shuttle bus with one other woman. The driver asked us both if we had called ahead and then asked us for our last names. She was talking on the phone, but cupped the mouthpiece and said, “Coppola” and continued to talk on the phone. Immediately, I am wondering if she is related to the famous Hollywood director, Francis Ford Coppola. But I dismiss the thought of striking up a conversation with her after she gets off the phone because I don’t want my crazy ass curiosity to seem like a star f*cker.

So instead, I text my sister-in-law who lives in L.A.; she knows everyone who is anyone. She said she wasn’t sure. Then I overheard the woman making another phone call, this time leaving a voicemail, and I heard her say her first name. So I opened up my internet browser on my phone and typed in her full name. Bam – LinkedIn comes up first. I texted back my sister-in-law and said, “nah, she’s not famous. I just found her on LinkedIn.” Then my sister-in-law texts me back and says, “Nothing is private anymore. Nice to be a no one. :)”

I couldn’t agree more with my sister-in-law. In fact, it’s the one thing about being a social media consultant that I should have done differently. Why didn’t I have a stage name?

The funny thing was, was that this woman needed a LinkedIn makeover! I so badly wanted to lean over and flash her my phone and say, “Hey, is this you? I’m a social media consultant, do you mind if I give you a few freebie tips?” Then I snapped out of that thought and back to reality and realized even though I would have thought I was being helpful, she probably would have been like, “stalker!”

But does that ever happen to you? You see people’s profiles and you just want to send them a little note or tell them that their profile needs updating? Am I the only one who is driven nuts by it?

Photo credit: Flickr Kanda Garden


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