No Blog Comments Equal Blog Failure

BlogCommentsEvery blogger loves comments. Some people judge a blog by the number of trackbacks and comments it has on it. If they don’t see a lot or any at all they deem that blog a failure. Some social media experts even feel that trackbacks and comments are what separate websites from blogs and that not having comments is a major shortcoming of blogging because that’s where conversations start and where a blogger can get feedback.

Obviously business blogs and personal blogs are different. Business blogs are adding brand awareness and educating future prospects or existing customers. Personal blogs exist because the writer has something to say and wants to share their experience, but it’s not for any self-claim to fame, per se.

Just because you have little or no comments doesn’t mean your blog is a failure.

You need to look at other things such as overall blog traffic and social shares (perhaps the conversation is happening on another network you’re not on). But most important, you need to remember why you started blogging in the first place and ask yourself if you’ve met that goal. Did you start a blog for notoriety on a specific topic? Perhaps you started it for credibility in your industry or maybe you started it because you just wanted to share your opinion and own  your content. Whatever the reason, do you feel like you are accomplishing that goal? Because comments have nothing to do with your blog goals.

In fact Jeremy Myers wrote a post on the different types of blog commenters ranging from the spammer and long-winded to the self-promoter and truly interested. So all comments are not created equally. But if you’re not convinced and you still would like more activity on your blog then there are a few ways you can entice people to comment:

Five Ways to Entice People to Comment on Your Blog.

  1. Ask questions. Ask them a question at the end of the blog post and tell them to list their feedback in the comments section
  2. Sweeten the deal. Offer a contest for the best comment posted.
  3. Give gratitude. Respond promptly and highlight someone who really left a great comment (like Jennifer Agrazada-Schreiner, she comments often on this blog and she always has something to add to the conversation.)
  4. Make it easy. Reduce the barriers to leave a comment. If someone has to login or register, it becomes an extra step for them.
  5. Speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to throw out your opinion no matter how controversial it may be. People read your blog for your opinion. However, you just need to be comfortable with comments you might get that you may not agree with.

Also, if you liked this post then I think you would also like @NickThacker‘s  post on 33 Ways to Instant Blogging Failure. He gives some great examples on why bloggers fail in this thoughtful post.

Keep on writing!


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