12 Rules: Optimizing Your Blog SEO

Optimizing your blog seoMake no mistake, ranking high on search engine rankings for your blog takes time and work. But there are ways to optimizing your blog SEO so that you drive traffic to your site.

Blogs have long been a key staple in our news since the beginning of the internet and many businesses are creating blogs today. But what’s the point in writing them if no one is reading them? Your passionate, check. You like to write, check. You have the time to write at least once a week, check. But no one is reading your blog.

How to optimize your blog for SEO

  1. Make sure you have a keyword or phrase (with no more than 4 words) identified.
  2. Make your page title at least 40 characters but no more than 70 characters, as 40 would be considered too short by search engines and 70 is where the snippet preview title in search results cuts off.
  3. Make sure your blog title contains your keyword(s).
  4. Make sure your slug (your blog URL) is short and contains your keyword(s).
  5. Your blog word count should be a minimum of 300 words in order to be considered SEO friendly and useful to readers.
  6. Whenever possible, add at least one relevant image that tells the story.
  7. Make sure any image you use in your blog post has an Alt Text containing your keyword(s)
  8. Make sure you have a meta description of your blog that contains your keyword(s)
  9. Do mention your keyword(s) in the first paragraph.
  10. Do mention your keyword(s) throughout your content but do not exceed a keyword density of more than 4.5% keywords.
  11. Add at least one outbound link to your blog post. 
  12. Make sure it is easy to read. Consider running your text through the Flesch Reading Ease test.
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