Part 3: 5 Ws Creating Social Media Strategy – What Will You Do With Them?

Part 3 of 5 series.

stock-illustration-5853965-question-markIn part one we talked about defining who your target audience is and finding the influencers in your industry. In part two we talked about how to find where they are hanging out, how they consume content and how they share it (a post that was chalk full of juicy charts). In part three we’re going to talk about now that you’ve defined and found your audience, what will you do with them?

First ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Are they existing customers that you are trying to nurture?
  2. Are they new prospects?

What will your key messages and call to actions be?

You’ve found your target audience, you have selected the networks you want to have a presence on based on where they hang out and how they share content. But now you’re faced with creating and sharing content that will be of interest to them. Figuring out your key messages you want to deliver, the tone those messages will have, the voice & personality your social persona will take on, and what you want your audience to do when they receive those messages is the next part of your strategy.

What will your voice and tone be like?

  • Will you want to use slang?
  • Will you want to abide by the AP style guide?
  • Will you use abbreviations?
  • Will you be playful? or pure business? Professional or relaxed?

What problem are you solving?

  • The content your create should be solving a problem for your customer or prospect.
  • One of your key messages should address the problem you are solving along with any business goals or objectives.

What are your calls to action (CTA)?

  • After you make contact, nurture the relationship by following up with an email or a comment or tweet
  • Don’t assume they know what to do, tell them or ask them.
  • Don’t assume they will share your content automatically. If you want them to share, ask them to do so.

Part of your strategy involves the nurturing element. You’ve found your audience, you’ve connected with them, but you also need to maintain and build upon those relationships. It takes effort. Tune in on Wednesday for Part 4 of the 5Ws social media strategy: When.

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