Pinterest Personalization Feed Coming Soon

Pinterest Will Soon Be Delivering More Personalized Results In Your Home Feed

Pinterest personalization is coming to a mobile device or desktop near you soon. Pinterest announced last Friday that it will be rolling out the ability for users to edit and select what appears in their pin feed. The new feature will be rolled out on desktop and mobile and is in the form of a an Edit Home Feed button.

Pinterest Edit Home Feed button

Their goal is to show you more personalized things that you like vs. not like. Similar to how the DVR, TiVo, determines what you like based on what you watch and thumb up or down, Pinterest will deliver tailored results based on what you pin and the boards you follow. So, the more you pin, the more accurate they can be in their suggestions.

In addition, Pinterest will also offer you the ability to opt into whether or not you want them to show you suggested boards to follow based on the websites you’ve visited. However, note that you can opt out of this feature through  Do Not Track. They give the example that if you are planning a party and have visited lots of party sites recently then they might suggest boards to make your event a hit. To me, this is a step in the right direction for how Pinterest will scale long term to monetize its content. Be prepared, if you have a business page, to soon be able to do suggested or sponsored Pins or Pin Boards.

If you don’t want to have your data suggested to you, then in your Settings scroll down to Personalization and switch it to No.

Pinterest Personalization Settings


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