10 Places to Submit Your Infographic To Make It Go Viral

infographicWe are experiencing information overload. So many platforms for people and brands to disseminate their content, makes it difficult to sort through what is good versus what is great. We’re also in a visual age where we read less and look at images more. This is why infographics do so well on social media sites, because people not only love sharing them, but they love reading the little snippets of facts that is put into context with powerful imagery.

First you have to create an infographic and there are many tools out there to do that, but more importantly you need data and a story to tell about that data. Not a graphic designer? No problem! You don’t need to be. Once you have your data points and your story, you can easily use many sites like:

  •, or

There are so many excellent directories, blogs and archive sites devoted to infographics popping up you can really get some traction to your website simply by getting your infographic on some of, if not all of these sites:

  2. Daily Infographic
  3. Cool Infographics
  4. Infographics Archive
  5. Infographic Journal
  6. Infographics Showcase
  7. Visual Loop
  8. Flickr

The other thing you want to do is make sure you get the link juice, meaning, give people a way to link back to your infographic or the code to embed it on their site.

Not a programmer? Don’t worry, there are plugins for this which make it really easy, like Embed Code Generator.

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