How To Plan Social Media Posts for Super Bowl Sunday

Football-TwitterAs you all know, the Super Bowl is coming up on February 2nd. In the past we’ve seen great ads from Oreo live tweeting during the game and Audi taking jabs at Mercedes Benz. But as small-mid sized business owners, do you know how many of your fans or followers will be watching? The Super Bowl is such an iconic event in the U.S. that many will gather to enjoy the game. And with the emergence last year of social media + TV on programs such as The Voice and American Idol and others, you can best be assured that people will be on social media talking about it.

So how do you get involved? Most brands start at least two weeks prior to an event like this. You’ll notice that Doritos kicked off a video contest and just recently announced the finalists.

But you could do something more simple, such as Vine video or an image meme, or a blog about the Super Bowl and how it ties to your brand. The point here is to not wait until the last minute. You’re resources are limited so make sure you have your memes created for holidays way in advance.

Things you can do to participate in the Big Game on February 2nd.

  • Create a meme and share it on Facebook and Twitter (you can get cute football icons from Michelle Schaeffer’s website, and all it costs you is a tweet!).
  • Create a Vine video or a regular video – take a look at these compiled short videos from Cadbury Eggs. I can totally picture you using a football in any of these ads to make it relevant to your business. Or take a look at their GooTube channel on YouTube for more inspiration.
  • Create a blog post
  • Create a Pinterest board on: Best Super Bowl Snack foods, Best Super Bowl party ideas, etc. If you can make it relevant to your brand all the better.
  • Have a tweet bank ready for posting with Super Bowl stats, maybe do a little trivia.  Y0u can get them from the infographic below or from SAP’s Global NFL stats
  • Create an infographic with stats, like Unruly Media did (see infographic below)


  • Follow up on the Monday afterward and ask people about if the team they were rooting for won? Or acknowledge that it’s over and point out your favorite commercial (which will most certainly be available on YouTube that you can embed in your post on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook)
  • Join in on Marketing Land’s #HashtagBowl conversation, and be sure to follow their recommended list of advertisers on Twitter

The point is, get organized now! You only have just under 2 weeks to get ready for it.

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