The Power of Thank You In Business

Yesterday my eldest nephew called me to thank me for a birthday gift I had shipped to him. I almost fainted when I got the call because he hasn’t thanked me in 15 years for any gift – ever. Now I’ve tried to stress the importance of the ‘thank-you’ over the years, but it never really synced in until now.

The ‘thank-you’ is necessary in everything and expressing gratitude in business can be a profitable business strategy. It makes people feel appreciated. It makes them feel acknowledged. Plus it makes your customers want to spend more money with you and chances are they will spread positive word-of-mouth advertising about you and your company when talking to other colleagues or prospects.

What to say?

  • The thank-you should always be about them, and not you. Find something to relate to them on and include that in your thank you note or with your thank you gift.
  • Be specific. To say “thanks so much for your business, it really means a lot” is lost as quickly as it’s said. But to acknowledge and thank them for something specific, it will be memorable to them and it makes them feel appreciated.
  • A hand written thank you says volumes in today’s digital world. A thank you note on Facebook or Twitter or via email can get quickly lost in the shuffle, but a hand-written note says that you took the time to acknowledge them. And that goes a really long way.

Have a great weekend!





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