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bitly logoThere are many URL shorteners out there that promise to shorten the URL from its obscenely long character string down to 15-25 characters. Some examples of URL shorteners are:,,, and more.

Some URL shorteners let you customize your promotional URL to something you recognize like:

If you have a savvy marketing team they are going to want to spread your promotional URL all over the place:

  • on printed collateral
  • online
  • on social networks
  • in your newsletter, etc.

But if you have the same URL for all of these distribution vehicles, how will you know where the people came from and what marketing tactics worked better?

If you customize your URL to something you recognize, then you’ll be able to track it. For example:

  • – for Facebook
  • – for Twitter
  • – for all printed materials
  • – for online as well as some of the others, also has analytics.  Take a peak at what you get by day:

The best part is that is free and so are all URL shorteners.

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