7 Ways to Promote Your Webinar

WebinarHow do you get the word out about your webinar?

Today we gave Social Strand’s first webinar on Content Marketing: Putting the Social Back into Social Media and a friend asked me how did I get the word out about the webinar.

First and foremost, if your webinar is free, you may get a lot of people to sign up, but that doesn’t mean they will all show up. If your webinar has a cost associated with it, then you may get less people to register, but you’ll be generating revenue.

Second, you need to have some lead time between the time you start promoting your webinar to the date of the actual webinar broadcast. At a minimum, you should at least start promoting your event 2 weeks ahead of the broadcast date.  The sooner you can promote it, the better. Three to four weeks is ideal.

Lastly, where can you promote it? Take a look at these suggestions on ways to promote your webinar.

  1. Email signature
    You use email every day. There’s a reason why marketers tell you that your email list is your bread and butter to your business. List your webinar in your email signature and be sure to include a link to the registration page.
  2. Newsletter/eBlast
    If you have an email list you should definitely promote your webinar in either your regular  newsletter. Have an email list but don’t really use it to send out emails regularly? No worries! You can still send an eBlast to your email subscribers letting them know about your webinar.
  3. Guest blog, include in your bio
    Consider writing a guest blog related to the content you’ll be talking about in your upcoming webinar and then be sure to include the link in your bio or byline. Or consider writing your own blog (like I did here) to promote your webinar.
  4. List it for free
    There are lots of places you can list your webinar, but not all are for free. If your webinar costs, some will take a perecentage of sign-ups. If your webinar is free some will list it for free.
  5. Social ads
    Depending on your audience, social ads could be a perfect way of reaching people you  may not have otherwise reached. LinkedIn & Twitter ads are terrific for B2B and Facebook & Google ads are great for B2C.
  6. Social networks
    Once you have your URL for your webinar, start sending it out on your social networks. Tweet it every day, several times per day, so that you reach as many people as possible. Post it to Facebook at least once per week. Post on Google+ several times per week. And be sure to not only include it in your LinkedIn status update, but also post to LinkedIn groups who might be interested.
  7. List servs
    If you’re a business owner, you probably belong to list servs. For example, I belong to Women In Consulting and other small business list servs both locally and nationally. When I need to promote something, I often can send an email through the list serv to promote it.

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