What are Psychographics?

You may know  how to find our audience online, but what are the values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle choices that drive them to purchase or engage with your brand? These things are what marketers refer to as psychographics. By understanding the psychographics of your customers you are able to build a full customer profile with detailed information that tells you what drives their behavior. How do they think or act when faced with a decision?

The Young & Rubicon Agency put together a chart that talks about cross-cultural consumer characterization, or what they refer to as the 4C’s. In their research they have characterized customers into seven buckets.

 Character  Attributes
Resigned Rigid, strict, authoritarian and chauvinist values, oriented to the past and to Resigned roles. Brand choice stresses safety, familiarity and economy. (Older).
Struggler Alienated, Struggler, disorganised – with few resources apart from physical/mechanical skills (e.g. car repair). Heavy consumers of alcohol, junk food and lotteries, also trainers. Brand choice involves impact and sensation.
Mainstreamer Domestic, conformist, conventional, sentimental, passive, habitual. Part of the mass, favouring big and well-known value for money ‘family’ brands. Almost invariably the largest 4Cs group
Aspirer Materialistic, acquisitive, affiliative, oriented to extrinsics … image, appearance, charisma, persona and fashion. Attractive packaging more important than quality of contents. (Younger, clerical/sales type occupation)
Succeeder Strong goal orientation, confidence, work ethic, organisation … support status quo, stability. Brand choice based on reward, prestige – the very best . Also attracted to ‘caring’ and protective brands … stress relief.(Top management)
Explorer Energy – autonomy, experience, challenge, new frontiers. Brand choice highlights difference, sensation, adventure, indulgence and instant effect – the first to try new brands. (Younger – student)
Reformer Freedom from restriction, personal growth, social awareness, value for time, independent judgement, tolerance of complexity, anti-materialistic but intolerant of bad taste. Curious and enquiring, support growth of new product categories. Select brands for intrinsic quality, favouring natural simplicity, small is beautiful.(Higher Education)

By identifying your customers or prospects you’ll be able to create content that is more relevant or applicable to their preferences, which ultimately should increase your brand engagement and amplification of your key messages.

What do you think of psychographics? Do you use them in your company? Do you have a social CRM?

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