Are You Thinking About Using QR Codes On Your Business Cards?

Upper Miss QRcode 2Are you thinking about using QR Codes on your business cards? It’s a tough decision and requires a lot of planning because your business card says a lot about you. You really need to think about the impression that you’ll convey when a person scans your QR code from your business card. For example, nothing says dolt more than when you put a QR code on your business card and it leads to your website. Personally, they are not my thing on business cards because they are too chunky and take up too much valuable white space on your card that could be better suited for other things like social media links. However, that being said, I’ve seen some great uses of QR codes on business cards.

Some keen ways you can make the most of QR codes in a creative way that lead to mobile friendly content are:

1. Give people access to something they can’t find anywhere else, like a web page that is not indexed by search engines that has valuable information on it that your customers can use.

2. Give people a coupon that they can redeem for a discount on your services or products that’s not available to anyone else on the web via search, but only to those who you give your business card to.

3. Link to an informational or educational video that shows them how your product works (assuming this video is not already on your website).

4. You can embed your vCard into the code making it easy for someone to add you to their contacts in their mobile phone.

Photo credit: By USFWS Headquarters on Flickr

Have any other good uses of QR codes on business cards? Please share them in the comments below.

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– Create your QR code with

– Upload your image to your business card on either or


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