QR Codes for Fans, Fundraising and Branding

There’s a new technology trending slowly that has the potential to really take off and in some markets, it’s already there. What is it? QR codes. What are they? They are two-dimensional bar codes that people with smartphones can scan and it takes them to a website, text message, or phone number. The smartphone user needs to have the QR code scanner app downloaded to their phone (search for QR code scanner in your app store – I like i-nigma for iPhone).

You can generate QR codes for free with Kaywa QR Code generator or QR Stuff.

5 ways to use QR codes for your business or nonprofit:

  1. Add a QR code to your newsletter that links to your Facebook or Twitter page.
  2. Utilize your QR code to go to your ‘Donate Now’ or ‘Text-to-Donate’ pages, but make sure the pages can be read on a mobile device. Or link it to a coupon or discount.
  3. Use QR codes in a scavenger hunt for a promotion and give away something cool.
  4. Advertise your website on a t-shirt, mug, or any tchotchke with your QR code linking to your website.
  5. Put a QR code on your business card for a discount or that just links to a page on your website.

Here’s one I created below:

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