Recipe For Successfully Growing Your Business With Social Media

Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing

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Every business wants a presence on social media. The key to getting good engagement with your customers is content. Content drives social media. And generating your own content is a great way to get people to amplify your brand. When you look at the different social networks that are out there, you’ll notice that they all want to be the place where you get your content: LinkedIn has LinkedIn Today, Google + has Explore, Twitter has Discover and Facebook has the Newsfeed. All of them are bringing you what people are talking about and sharing right now.

Successful marketers know that content is king when it comes to being successful on social media. They also know that the formula for generating your own content has to meet the following four criteria and an easy way to remember it is with the acronym of REDS

  1. Relevance
    The first thing you need to do is make sure your content is relevant to your audience and relevant to the time in which it is being posted. Posting an update about a conference three weeks after the conference has commenced, is probably old news.
  2. Educational
    How-to articles are probably one of the most shared pieces of content a publisher/blogger/company can produce. It’s also evergreen content (with the exception of social media topics, as it changes constantly). Do you  know how many times we’ve written about How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook? (at least 3x’s).
  3. Digestible
    Images, images, images. Always have an image with your content because it makes the entire article easier to digest. People go straight to the image so make sure it is appealing and relates to your topic. From there, adding short paragraphs or paragraphs with bullet points also make for easy reading on the eyes.
  4. Share-able 
    If it’s easy to digest, relevant, and/or educational then the chances of it being shared have just grown three to four times more than they would have otherwise. But if you make it hard to share, then even if you were successful at the first three steps above, you just broke the equation. You want eyeballs and the best way to get them is to make your content easy to share.

So what do you think?

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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.