Summer Semester 2015: Course Syllabus_SFSU_Summer2015

Welcome! The above link is the course syllabus for Social Media Strategy: Developing a Game Plan. This content will also go up on and you can access it with your SFSU login (9 digits) and password.

Final Assignment Due:

Homework 1:  – Complete Exercise B and C (Exercise A should have been completed in class, if not be sure to complete both exercises.)

Slides from Session 1 – Developing a Plan_Session_1_0615

Recommended Reading 

Slides from Session 2 : Developing a Plan_SM Strategy_SFSU_Session2

Homework 2 – Select 2 holidays and create 1 post for each (you may use the holiday calendar) and make it relevant to your brand. It can be text, an image or video. If it is an image or video, it must have text with it that gives it context.  The posts can be for any social network you choose. You may put your posts on a Word doc. For tweets, you can simply put a square box around them. For images and videos, you can copy and paste them. (See exampleHomework_Content_Strategy)

Final Assignment Examples:

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Session 3: Presentations of final assignments to entire class

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