Pinterest for Business: Should You Convert Your Pinterest Account To A Business Account?

Pinterest for BusinessNow that Pinterest rolled out the option to convert your personal account to a business account, it begs the question, should you? What does it entail and can you ever go back? And for all of the businesses who were early adopters and who did sign up with a personal account, what’s in it for you? What are you gaining versus giving up? Maybe you should just create a new account for your business….

By now I am sure you know that you can convert your existing personal account to a business account by simply clicking on the red button on their business page that says “Convert your existing account” at Seems so tempting doesn’t it?

Here’s what you get when you convert your profile to a business account on Pinterest:

  • Invite people to follow your boards right from your website by adding a board widget.
  • Invite people to follow your Pinterest account with a follow button.
  • Install the Pin It button and make it easy for people to pin things directly from your website by adding a pin it button
  • The opportunity to change the business name of how you will appear on Pinterest
  • The opportunity to indicate which industry and BONUS: it can be changed later if you like
  • The opportunity to designate someone as your Pinterest social media manager (name and email)
  • The ability to modify your email, about, and URL.
  • The ability to separate your personal life from your business – (OMG what a concept??)

How to convert a Pinterest account to a business account

What you don’t get?

1. The ability to change your username (a.k.a. custom URL). I think this is a huge missed opportunity by Pinterest because you have tons of bloggers and professionals who are also sole proprietors or small business owners who set themselves up early on as the face of their online brand and maybe didn’t know what the correct thing should be for their username when they set up Pinterest.

Pinterest does offer the opportunity under business type for professionals to separate themselves, but they don’t have the opportunity to change the URL.

2. The ability to manage more than one account. Only one email per user per account. In other words, the person who manages your account, can’t use their email to manage other accounts. This is a big problem for agencies as well as companies that have multiple entities but one person managing them all. Tip: the work around is to put a different email address with each one, but what a pain!

3. Once you convert, you’re committed for life (or the life of Pinterest). Just like Facebook, once you convert your profile, you can’t “undo” it so you need to be certain that this is what you want to do. Otherwise you’d have to delete your account and start all over.

So what do you think? Are you going to convert? Or are you just going to create a new business account? Let me know and if you do create a business account, put a link to it in the comments below so I can follow you. Cheers!




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