When Is It Okay to Repost Content to Facebook or Any Social Network?

Last week when I was teaching a class on social media, one of the students said, “You said you should tweet the same content four times within a 32-hour period, but is it also okay to re-post Facebook content too?” Considering that most Facebook Page posts only reach 16% of their audience, according to Facebook, it’s okay to do it, but not in the same day. In fact, my friend Jon Loomer wrote a post about how you need to be strategic about the whole thing.  And I agree, you do need to be strategic. However, with Facebook’s EdgeRank, you’ll hear the advice that you should post photos and videos before you post links and text, because they carry more weight. But if you re-post the photo, it then shows up in your Photos tab twice. Albeit, they won’t be right next to one another, but they would be if you did it on the same day. Follow? If you’re going to do it, you need to spread it out.

Facebook EdgeRank

So this whole conversation made me think about the different social networks and whether or not you should re-post content on them at all. For example, I do think it’s okay on Twitter, and strategically on Facebook. But now that Google+ has changed their interface to be more like Pinterest or RebelMouse, I’d have to say you need to be strategic about Google+ now as well. Pinterest, I’d say no, unless they are going on two different boards. I mean think about it, would you pin up the same photo on a cork board multiple times?

In terms of frequency of posting and general best practices, I’ve put together this little chart that for you that I go by and recommend.

Best Practices for social networks

Social Network Recommended Best Practices
  • Post once or less per day (generally speaking), unless you’re a news source or there is breaking relevant news in your industry
  • Post on the weekends too
  • Re-post evergreen content once every 120-180 days is okay (content that is always relevant)
  • Post 10-20xs per day (includes RTs and @replies),
  • For every 1 piece of promotional content tweet 4 pieces of original content and retweet at least one other pieces of relevant content,
  • Tweet your same promotional tweet 4x’s within 32 hour period
Google Plus
  • Post 5-10x’s per day,
  • Re-post evergreen content once every 120-180 days
  • Never re-pin content unless on separate boards,
  • Pin relevant content several times per week
  • Post no more than once daily to status update,
  • Post to groups frequently and respond to comments,
  • Don’t spam all groups you belong to with same message


And you may also find useful, this infographic from PostRocket on how Facebook EdgeRank impacts how your content gets into the news feed and this previous blog on tips for how to keep your content in the news feed.


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