Should You Run That Facebook Promotion?

Lots of companies are told by social media “gurus” to do a promotion and it will get them more fans. While the outcome might be true (more fans), the chances of those fans affecting your bottom line and increasing revenue is slim. In recently studies we’ve been shown that over 76% of people “like” a company’s fan page to get something for free or enter a contest. But over 90% of them never return once they’ve clicked “like” which makes their value go down significantly and your job that much harder to keep your content in their news feed.

When you should do a contest?

If your sole goal is to get more fans and you don’t care if they contribute to the bottom line, then sure have a contest or promotion. But really your goal should be more about keeping up with engagement with your fans so that you stay in their news feed. A contest or promotion can get them engaged and keep them there as long as you continue to post relevant engaging¬†content.

Contests also empower your fans to do word-of-mouth marketing for you, but it has to be a worthy contest, one that they feel will add value if they share it with their friends.

You can also learn more about your customers through contests or promotions by gathering and analyzing the data. Facebook makes it easy to capture data via forms and the Facebook Opengraph.

Contests and promotions can be extremely effective when they are part of a bigger strategy but don’t just throw one up just to throw one up because you need to fill your editorial calendar or because you want to increase your overall number of fans.

As always make sure you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s contest rules and guidelines.

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