Sneak Peek: Digg Newsrooms

Digg has had it’s ups and downs in the social media sphere, trying to reinvent themselves to keep up with the ever changing social graph. Currently in a private beta, is Digg’s new feature, Newsrooms. What are Digg Newsrooms? Digg’s way of providing you the most current and relevant news and their way of rewarding you for your social influence:

According to Digg, “all your reading, Digging, and Burying activity will be shown transparently in a real-time activity feed within each Newsroom.  And we’ve built a way to measure and reward your influence. So whether you are an Ace reporter (First story promoted to that Newsroom Front Page) or “Trendsetter” (25 stories or more), you are making a difference in what people read.”

How do they work? You follow the newsrooms on a particular topic and there are dozens to choose from. Or you when you Digg a story, you now choose not only the topic, but now the newsroom that is most relevant (currently you can only choose a newsroom that you follow, but I suspect that will change since that’s just bad UI). But here’s a sneak peak:

Digg Newsrooms

So what do you think? Like it? Love it? Think you’ll use Digg more often? Take the poll:

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