The Power Of Social Influence On Buying & Customer Service 2012

You want to know what people are doing when you see them standing there with their head down looking at their palms? Chances are they are browsing Facebook or Twitter. In fact, according Nielsen’s recent social media study, 30% of people spend time on social networks via their mobile phone. And to take it a step farther, when it comes to customer service, consumers preferred (29%) to use the company’s Facebook page for customer service issues, followed by 27% using Twitter, and 15% using the company’s blog. Talk about the ability to complain or praise in the heat of the moment!

Over 47% of social media users engage in social customer service and over 1/3 prefer to use social media over using the phone. It’s all about passive confrontation these days, isn’t it? The frequency among social media users to engage in social customer service are 9% daily, 21% weekly, 70 % monthly.

Who is influenced by social media and how does it influence their purchases?

Long gone are the days when a company could drive or influence a person’s purchasing decisions through a narrow funnel of ads or a campaign. Now those decisions are largely influenced by a global pool of friends, family, peers, and acquaintances. What I found most interesting from Nielsen’s recent study was how much of an impact social networks and reviews have over certain demographics and for certain types of consumer goods. For example, those located in Asia-Pacific are far more likely to be influenced via social networks  in almost every category, whereas Europe seems to be the most skeptical across the board.

Click here to view the full report of Nielsen’s 2012 State of the Media Social Media report.

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