Social Media Brings Americans Together

In a joyous triumphant moment, May 1st showed Americans taking to social media to spread the word that the mastermind terrorist behind the September 11th attacks is now dead.  Jubilant crowds gathered outside the WhiteHouse while the rest of America tuned in to watch the President confirm the news that had already flooded Twitter.

Shortly after the news was confirmed, a Facebook fan page went up entitled, “Osama Bin Laded is DEAD“. Within less than an hour it had over 215,000 likes, surely destined to beat Charlie Sheen’s Twitter follower record.  People even took to YouTube to express their joy.

The first leak of the news came via Twitter from Keith Urbahn, former Chief of Staff, Office of Donald Rumsfeld:

And the tweets ensued thereafter in a constant stream until more than an hour had passed after the President’s speech confirming Bin Laden’s death. My favorite two favorite tweets were, “How pissed is Donald Trump that this Osama Bin Laden announcement interrupted ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?”  from Travis David Suhr and the one above.
This news coming just shy of the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks was a momentus occasion and one that no one will ever forget.  This photo sums it up:
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