The 5 W’s of Creating Your Social Media Strategy: Where Are Customers Hanging Out?

Part two in a five part series.

In part one of this five part series I talked about the first W: Who and how to find and engage with influencers in your industry on social media. The next part of your strategy will be the Where and picking the social networks where your industry influencers not only consume content, but where they share it. Just because someone reads your content on LinkedIn, doesn’t mean they are sharing it on LinkedIn; they might be sharing it on Twitter instead, etc.

The most important thing when developing your strategy is to determine where you want to spend time, money, energy, and resources that will yield a return to your bottom line or your business goals/objectives.

So who is hanging out where? In a high-level summary from December 2012, Pew Internet Research said the following:

landscape-of-users Facebook


However, since then there have been other studies, and here is the latest:


According to Pew Internet Research, May 2013, the typical Twitter user is somewhere between 18-29 years-old, educated (some college+), a minority with a well-paying job, and slightly more likely to be male than female.



According to SocialBakers, September 2013, the average Facebook user is 18-34 years old and female. According to Business Insider March 2013:

Facebook Average User March 2013


According to Buffer, women are 5 times more likely to use Pinterest than men, they are between the ages of 18-49, are white (non-hispanic), have a college degree, make more than $50K a year, and live in a rural area. Source:

Google Plus 
There’s no real data here. I can only go by what I’ve read and what others have said, which is that it seems to skew a little more male than female and that it tends to be a little more techie. Also 30% make $100K or more, according to

Yelp Users

According to Quantcast , the average user is 25-34 year old caucasian male, college graduate, who makes greater than $50K a year. Source:!demo


According to DocStoc and Pew Research Center, the average Instagram user in 2013 18-29 year old females African American or Hispanic females living in an urban setting. Source:


According to Quantcast, the average user on Tumblr is male, age 18-34, has no children, makes less than $50K a year, white, with some college.

Tumblr stats 2013


According to Quantcast, the majority of LinkedIn users are male (60%), age 35-54, no children, more affluent ($100K or more), highly educated (graduate/post graduate), mostly caucasian (81%).

LinkedIn stats 2013

Buffer Users

According to a study that Buffer App did in May 2013,  the average Buffer user is:

1.) Young male (we called him Guru Gordon) in his late 20s, early 30s). He has a college degree and reads a lot of business and political publications. You’d probably call him a “gadget freak,” and he’s a self-proclaimed “life hacker” who loves finding ways to be successful and get the most out of life. He’s in his late 20s, early 30s.

2.) Community Cathy: Cathy uses social media to spread information about a cause and interact with other people in the community that share an interest in that cause. She reads Mashable and the Huffington Post and has way too many clothes in her closet. She’s probably in her twenties, but she may be in her early thirties.

By Industry

There are lots of places you can look and lots of studies you can use to find out where your audience is hanging out and consuming content. Just keep that in mind as the focus point of where you want to concentrate your energy moving forward.



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