Social Media Tip Tueday, June 5, 2012

Well, after two weeks in Spain, I’m back and below are my social media tips for the past week As always, thanks for reading!

1. Brand=Perception~Perception=Positioning~Positioning=who u are, what u stand for & what prob you solve for which target. #smtip

2. Your followers—you owe them something. They don’t owe you something. #smtip

3. When it comes to lead gen & referrals, a happy customer is the best tool #smtip

4. Revenue per email averages 2x higher for ‘Friends and Family’ campaigns #smtip

5. Tag your videos & blogs with keywords from Google Keyword Tool #smtip

Top Blog Last Week: 7 Things Nonprofits Can Talk About On Twitter Besides Themselves

Today in history: In 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, a presidential candidate, was shot three times in a hail of gunfire in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.



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