Social Media Tip Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – Tweet This Tip Contest

Social Media Tip Tuesday

First, the rules of today’s Tweet This Tip contest:

All you need to do is tweet one of the social media tips below by clicking on the “Tweet this tip”, be following @tracysestili so I can DM you if you’ve won and get your t-shirt size. It’s that simple.

Prize: One Social Media Tip Tuesday t-shirt, $10 Starbucks gift card, and one 4GB bamboo Social Strand Media USB thumb drive. Contest only open to U.S. residents (sorry). Contest starts 5pm PT August 6, 2012 and ends at 9:00 pm PT August 7, 2012.

And as always, here are the social media tips I tweeted from last week on Twitter.

  1. Don’t over automate or Facebook will ding your content and not put it in the news feed#smtip Tweet this tip!
  2. Be sure to give a call-to-action in every post or tweet #smtip Tweet this tip!
  3. When people come to your website make sure you are capturing their information in some way #smtip Tweet this tip!
  4. Videos that go viral are typically under 2 minutes in length #smtip Tweet this tip!
  5. All blogs should have a thumbnail image so that it catches the eye of the reader #smtip Tweet this tip!
If you like the idea of this contest then please let me know in the comments field below what types of prizes you would prefer in the future and I’ll see about making that happen. I’d love to do more of them, but only if you’re really interested.

Top blog last week: By a nudge, 10 Social Media Mistakes Everyone Makes” beat out 9 Elements of a Great Blog

Today in history: In 1909, United States issues first Lincoln penny.

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