Social Media Tip Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Social Media Tip TuesdayEvery Tuesday I post my top social media tips I posted on Twitter in the past week.  But it turns out I didn’t post any last week because I was still catching up from the weekend before where I renovated a chemotherapy center. Rewarding work, but physically and emotionally exhausting. And yes, I only posted a handful of blogs last week too, for the same reason. But I’m back in the swing of things, sooooo…. today I’m going to just give you five social media tips & facts off the top of my head. You can tweet them if you want.

  1. Small biz should be on Yelp and Google Places to help with search #smtip (tweet this tip)
  2. Social media can bring a level of transparency to your biz, value its currency. #smtip (tweet this tip)
  3. Use FB photo sync to take photos at the office/events #smtip (tweet this tip)
  4. B2B? Try incorporating a video into your LinkedIn ad campaign #smtip (tweet this tip)
  5. Use FB ads? Try targeting your competitors #smtip (tweet this tip)
Today in history: In 1783, George Washington delivered his farewell address to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.
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