Social Media Tip Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In case you missed it here are my Twitter tips from the past week.

  1. The benefit of LinkedIn groups = market research #smtip
  2. Instead of unfriending, just “unsubscribe” from their posts. #smtip
  3. Looking for a job? Try posting it in your status update on your SM networks #smtip#career
  4. Only get on social networks where you can get or give value #smtip
  5. Don’t connect with ppl on LinkedIn with those generic bland messages. It’s lazy and unmemorable. #smtip
  6. Life is too short for bad info. Sort through the noise on Twitter with private lists #smtip

Top blog last week: How to unsubscribe from someone on Facebook and what it all means exactly.

Today in history: In 1902, the 8¢ Martha Washington stamp was issued this day. The stamp was the first U.S. definitive or commemorative stamp to feature a woman.

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